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Monday, June 6, 2016

PC Login Now 2.0 ( Windows Password Reset & Recovery Tool )

6:06:00 AM

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The PC Login Now password cracker is the fastest free Windows password recovery tool that I've used. If you can click a few buttons then you can hack into your computer with this tool.PC Login Now actually deletes your password, allowing access to Windows without a password at all.

  1. Fastest Windows password recovery tool tested
  2. No Windows access or knowledge of previous passwords needed
  3. Passwords are deleted with just a few clicks through an easy menu
  4. Works with Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP passwords
PC Login Now ISO image is much smaller than those of many other password recovery tools
PC Login Now is a rescue utility for system managers who are struggling with a system where the account passwords have been forgotten. Instead of having to be forced to reinstall Windows and configure everything all over again, this package can help to reset Windows passwords and the saved security settings as well. The software will work with personal users or business users alike. Change accounts policy settings while using the software which is useful way to access these options in one place. The software can also bypass the system key feature in Windows NT to gain access to a locked system where the password has been forgotten.


Title:-                          PC Login Now 2.0
File Size:-                    54 MB
Requirements:-          Windows ( Xp, 7, 8 )(x86/x64)
License:-                     Freeware
Author:-                      PC Disk Tools


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