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Thursday, August 18, 2016

CC Proxy 8.0 Build 20160722 + keygen Free Download

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CCProxy is a feature-rich piece of software that enables you to share the same Internet connection to all the computers on your LAN. It creates a proxy server on the workstation that’s connected to the Internet and then distributes it to the other computers on the LAN.
The application was created to share a modem connection, but as time went by, it received numerous additional capabilities. Right now, it offers support for most types of Internet connections, including broadband, dial-up, DSL, satellite, optical fiber, ISDN and DDN. CCProxy lets you easily share any of these connections even if the connected computers run on different operating systems. The proxy services and protocols provided to other network-connected computers can be easily set up. You can verify the service and insert the port number of HTTP and FTP services. Then, the settings will be applied to all the computers connected to your LAN, although you can customize access for specific users as well. 
CCProxy lets you filter websites that a certain user can access, and limit Internet access to a defined time interval. Also, you can limit upload and download bandwidth by defining their maximum values.
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  • Modem, Cable Modem, ISDN, ADSL, DDN, WIFI and so on are supported
  • HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NNTP, RTSP and MMS proxy are supported
  • Port Mapping is supported
  • Web Filter
  • Bandwidth Control
  • Mail Proxy supports
  • Support SOCKSS and Web authentication
  • Built-in DNS can resolve domain names
  • Bandwidth usage statistics

     Title:-                                   CC Proxy 8.0
     File Size:-                             1 MB
     Requirements:-                   Windows (All Version)
     Updated:-                             22 July, 2016
     Author:-                               Youngzsoft


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