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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Windows 8.1 Pro Official x86/x64 ISO Free Download

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Windows 8.1 Pro is the most complete Windows experience yet. Get more done with the latest apps, improved powerful multitasking capabilities, and speedy performance! Use the new customization features and personalize your PC just the way you want.Windows 8.1 received mixed reception, although more positive than Windows 8, with critics praising the expanded functionality available to apps in comparison to 8, its One-Drive integration, along with its user interface tweaks and the addition of expanded tutorials for operating the Windows 8 interface. Despite these improvements, Windows 8.1 was still criticized for not addressing all digressions of Windows 8 (such as a poor level of integration between Metro-style apps and the desktop interface), and the potential privacy implications of the expanded use of online services. As of March 2016, the market share of Windows 8.1 is 10.30%.
Download Windows 8.1 Pro 32-Bit                                          Download Windows 8.1 Pro 64-Bit
Windows 8.1 brings literally hundreds of updates, fixes, and tweaks for both home and business users, as well as for form factors from small tablets to large-screen workstations—more than is possible to cover in even in a long-format review, let alone in a quick cheat sheet of top new features. That said, below are what we consider the handful of new features that we think will affect the largest number of Windows 8 users.Windows 8 has some awesome futures that windows 7 don't got, windows 8 is made to search faster and makes the computer more smooth, Windows 8 have MUCH better gaming experience, the fps is actually nearly doubled in all games in windows 8 than 7.The new Windows 8.1 lets you watch movies or play games with Xbox, Skype with friends, access files anywhere with Sky drive, or find your next favorite app in the Windows Store.
Sign in to your Windows 8 device with your Microsoft account and you're immediately connected to the people, files, and settings you care about. Your PC comes to life with all the things that make Windows yours, including your Start page, themes, language preferences, browsing history, and browser favorites.


      Processor:-                           1GHz or faster
      RAM:-                                    1GB (32-bit) or 2GB (64-Bit)
      Hard Disk:-                           16GB (32-Bit) or 20GB (64-Bit)
      Graphics Card:-                    Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device or higher



                        DOWNLOAD FROM HERE                     


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