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Friday, January 20, 2017

USB Safely Remove + Patch Free Download

11:35:00 PM

USB Safely Remove - A handy USB device manager that ensure your USB flash drive can be securely removed from the computer.

USB Safely Remove - A handy tool that allows you to make sure your USB flash drives can be unplugged from the computer without getting damaged.
USB Safely Remove is an enhanced and hassle-free replacement for Windows safe removal tool. It saves your time and gives you more power on active work with any kind of USB\eSATA devices. Unlike native Windows tool it shows what prevents a device from being stopped and allows you to stop the device forcibly. The main disadvantage of using the built-in Windows safe removal tool is that when using several hot-plug devices it is often quite difficult to recognize which device needs to be stopped. Most devices have the same name: "USB mass storage device". In addition, Windows does not let you hide a device you would not want to stop from the menu. USB Safely Remove saves you from these problems and offers an original and multi functional stopping menu, which displays actual device names with icons. Using this menu you can find and stop a device in a snap! Once installed, USB Safely Remove creates an icon in the system tray area and automatically detects pen drives already connected to the PC. Hovering the mouse cursor over this icon reveals device names and occupied space. You can deactivate all of them or detect new hardware changes, as well as bring up a window to view all devices, including hidden ones. It is possible to browse a device's location in Explorer straight from this menu, display selected ones in the tray icon dialog, as well as open the native "Safely Remove Hardware" screen. Editing device properties can be done via the context menu on a selected item. You can change the device name and image, assign a hotkey for calling the stop menu for it, as well as enable or disable auto run. As far as program options are concerned, you can set USB Safely Remove to automatically run at system startup, alter the interface language, customize the layout and skin, reconfigure global keys and notification settings, and others. For active keyboard workers the program allows to stop devices using hotkeys. Additionally it has some unique features such as ability to hide empty card reader slots, fixing drive letter to a specific device, has command line tool, can auto launch programs before and after devices stopping, can power off devices after stopping on Vista and Win 7.
"Overall, USB Safely Remove bring forth powerful features for ensuring pen drive security when unplugging them from the computer."

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  • Safely remove in one click!
  • Displaying processes which are preventing USB device from being stopped
  • Powerful Command line support to safe removal
  • Keyboard shortcuts to safe removal
  • Program auto run on device connection\disconnection
  • Customizable names and descriptions for devices.
  • Hiding drives of empty card reader slots
  • Restricting access to the features of the program with a password.
  • Displaying volume labels instead of device names
  • Ability to mount storage devices as an NTFS folder
  • Exploring device drives in an alternative file manager
  • System tray icon hiding when there are no devices to be stopped


      Title:-                                                       USB Safely Remove
      File Size:-                                                 5 MB
      Requirements:-                                       Windows (All Versions)
      Updated:-                                                 18 Jan, 2017
      Author:-                                                   Crystal Rich Ltd


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